ADONIS: Radiation Hardened by Design


ADONIS Accelerates Radiation Hardened by Design

ADONIS delivers the same productivity and process portability benefits in the Rad Hard by Design (RHBD) domain as it does for standard circuit design. ADONIS RHBD is a combination of additional ADONIS automation, radiation hardening of the CBA library cells, and best practice design guidance. ADONIS CBA library cells have gone through extensive radiation testing in both total dose and single event environments.

RHBD CBA Libraries

The RHBD CBA library approach starts with radiation characterization of the standard library. The characterization results then inform physical changes to the existing cell structures to mitigate radiation vulnerabilities. The use of the library elements and the resulting hardness can be impacted by the design practice employed by the engineer. As part of ADONIS we flag where there are potential radiation succeptability issues. Likewise, as part of the RHBD library documentation, there is a design guide for best practice use of the RHBD library.  STI’s unique RHBD analog libraries have been designed and validated to meet the following radiation tolerance parameters.




>1 Mrad(Si)

Single Event Upset

<1E-10 (errors/bit-day) LET> 30

Single Event Transient

1e9 LET<60

Single Event Latchup

>60 LET in MeV-/mg

Dose Rate Transient


Dose Rate Survivability


Neutron SEE Upset

>1e13 1MeV eq.n/

The CBA RHBD General Purpose libraries share the same functional elements that are found in the General Purpose library. Although there is area overhead associated to meet the hardness criteria This enables porting a design from a standard library to the RHBD variant with little area overhead while maximizing performance.

The RHBD libraries share all the attributes of the standard CBA libraries described on the

“Correct by Architecture Libraries” page. The four use models of IP instantiation, IP customization and instantiation, custom design creation, and process migration are all supported. The graphics below describe library content by function as well as library support.

The CBA library approach also facilitates unique value when structure is key, such as in Radiation Hardness by Design, and Design portability. The table below shows current CBA RHBD library availability:



Library Family

Library Availability








Sept ‘20


90nm FDSOI