Our Company


Silicon Technologies, Inc.

Thomas Wolf, is CEO & founder of STI (previously founder and CEO of SliceX, which started as an IC design company in 1996 and raised $25M in 2007 to become an ADC chip company). Silicon Technologies spun out of SliceX in June 2009 and has evolved to focus on Semiconductor IP and automation to re-imagine analog design.

Since 1996, the STI team has provided design and manufacturing expertise to numerous companies, including Advanced Bionics, Alfred E. Mann Research, MiniMed, TDK Semiconductor, Intel, TI, and many others. Past projects have included RFICs for cochlear implants, artificial pancreas RFIC, dental X-ray CMOS imagers, commercial electric meter IC, credit card reader ICs and several hundred others.

From this solid start across many design domains STI has continued to build capabilities to achieve analog convergence in a digital timescale. Today we actively enable customers across the Defense Industry as well as in the commercial domain. Through the use of our ADONIS platform our customers are able to achieve SoC design convergence in a fraction of the traditional time. Because of the structured approach, our customers also enjoy portability across process for their ADONIS created circuits.