University of Utah Nanofab Tour 

RHET will offer a tour of the Nanofab, hosted by Dr Glenn Sjoden.  The tour may be broken into four subgroups to alternately visit the 100kW TRIGA Reactor and the 18,000 square foot Nanofab’s class 100/1000/10,000 cleanroom, packaging, and test areas. TRIGA features: thermal irradiation port (heavy water chamber), fast irradiation port, in-core radiochemical separations for isotope production. 


6:00     Bus leaves Marriott for 10 minute trip, walking is optional

6:15     Tour begins (please bring a passport or driver’s license)

7:15     Tour concludes

7:30     Bus arrives at Marriott

Tour is limited to 40!  

Little Mountain Test Facility Tour*

The Radiation and EM lab tours will break into 2 groups of 15 people each and take approximately 2 hours.  We will have a 15 min in-briefing and then will start the tour with half the group starting in the EM labs and the other half starting in the Radiation labs.

*Priority will be given to attendees who have never been to LMTF.


7:30 Bus from Marriott to Little Mountain Test Facility leaves

8:15 Arrive LMTF

8:30 Tour begins

10:30 Bus from Little Mountain Test Facility returns to Marriott

11:30 Arrive Marriott

Tour is limited to 30!  



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